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Visual storytelling creates a lasting impression. Be it product photography, video messages or an image film, we implement your project together with external partners – from the planning through to the realisation of the end product.

We organise and accompany shootings, write the storyboard and ensure a high-quality result. So your messages will not only be received but also arouse and engage audiences and stakeholders in a dynamic manner.


Strategy and Concept

Get in, buckle up and start driving – it all sounds so simple. The destination is known and the route will eventually reveal itself. But in most instances there are more suitable ways to reach journey’s end. Strategic planning is the key. We are your navigator, avoiding traffic jams and dead-ends, making sure you arrive at your destination via the best-possible route.

Whether for a company, product, brand or topic: We develop purpose-centric, sustainable and realistic communications concepts.

Classical media work

Digital, radio, TV or print – depending on your target audience, stakeholder and type of message, we support you in finding the appropriate medium. We create content in a suitable and target-oriented manner.

Sometimes it’s a product test in a consumer magazine, sometimes an exclusive interview, and sometimes something totally different. Whatever you want to achieve, we ensure you will succeed.


Crisis management

Prevention is the first and most effective step in crisis management. Our crisis training courses get you ready before emergencies occur. For unpredictable events, we stand by your side as experienced companions and help you master the situation – competently, confidently, reliably and, if necessary, around the clock.


Multichannel experiences

We ensure that your content is published to create a multichannel experience by utilizing online sites, blogs, social networks and print media, also ensuring it reaches your desired audiences.

Our content management, continuous storytelling and the maintaining of thematic leadership are designed so they are honest, intelligent, transparent – and, of course, authentic. So as to ensure credible and relevant content is rewarded with greater visibility.

Dialogue with stakeholders

We maintain contact to your stakeholders and ensure that your needs are heard within the existing network of relationships. Our presence and the exchange with other stakeholders strengthen your interests and add more weight to them. You will receive input and other points of view that can enrich your perspective.


:Brotfabrik – Kulturprojekt 21 e. V.

We support cultural institutions in the implementation of modern communications measures and are pleased that “Brotfabrik – Kulturprojekt 21 e. V.” has chosen us to develop a new website. In the course of joint discussions and a workshop in the Hausen-based Brotfabrik, the conceptual framework was created for the development of a fast and highly functional website with networking possibilities to various social networks and with a timelessly modern design conveying the unique attitude of the association: “The non-profit association Kulturprojekt 21 e.V. operates a socio-cultural centre in the Brotfabrik in the Hausen district of Frankfurt am Main. Here you will find concerts by international and German musicians, readings, panel discussions, club nights and much more. We are committed to the common good and stand for internationalism, tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.” Following the workshop character the site will be further developed step by step. Those interested in culture can find the current status at www.brotfabrik.de.

:Ferrero Deutschland und International

We have been supporting Ferrero in Germany as well as the “Ferrero Group” internationally on a project basis for several years now. Our focus is on the development and implementation of sustainability issues in the raw material supply sector, which is important for Ferrero. In close cooperation and coordination with Ferrero colleagues in Frankfurt am Main and Luxembourg, we have found effective ways to implement the comprehensive sustainability commitment of the “Ferrero Group” in professionally produced documentary films in a narratively exciting, understandable and comprehensible way. This resulted in a series of videos looking at sustainable production of hazelnuts in Turkey and Chile, as well as palm oil in Malaysia. The films were successfully used externally for moderated stakeholder dialog and internally as part of employee information.

:Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) has left the path of certification to the Rainforest Alliance. Based on 20 years of comprehensive and widely acknowledged experience in tropical and subtropical agriculture the SAN has started to develop new activities and expand existing ones: for more nature conservation, greater social justice and healthier economic activity on the whole. We accompany the SAN with passion and conviction, supporting the powerful network of local NGOs in adapting the concepts, communication lines and storytelling in a target-oriented way. And by promoting constructive, productive stakeholder dialogue as well as the optimum political representation of interests and the reconciliation of interests between the southern and northern hemispheres.

:Forum Trinkwasser e. V.

The Forum Trinkwasser e. V. has been the voice for tap water in Germany for over fifteen years – and for nearly all this period our agency has been conducting the communications for the association (until end of June 2021). The association informs on the basis of scientific findings, educating the general public about drinking water in a variety of ways. We have created a constant presence on all channels with a combination of classical media work and communications on social networks. Furthermore, we organised and supervised campaigns and events. This includes, for example, an appearance at the Berliner Wasserbetriebe water festival with approx. 16,000 visitors, with supporting announcements via Facebook and Twitter as well as advance press releases and a follow-up report. We are delighted that drinking water is becoming more appreciated and popular in Germany. Not only in private households where drinking water is increasingly being used to make creative and refreshing drinks such as homemade lemonades and “infused water”. The gastronomy and hotel industry is also increasingly discovering drinking water as a high-quality and convincing resource. We are also pleased that German cities and communities are now providing a larger number of free drinking water fountains.


A classic in many recipe creations is experimenting with fruit from a jar. We achieve a wide reach in various public media with seasonal and event-driven recipes sent out to food editors.
Great creations such as an Oktoberfest burger with a fruity sauce or an impressive chocolate mousse cake whet the appetite, prompting people to test products for themselves. As an editorial service that ensures the large selection of Odenwald-Früchte recipes is always to hand, we have set up online databases with theme folders, image previews and a direct download capability.

:Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman stands for delicious jams that are based on original French recipes. As a result, the brand has a very special charm, which we spread in direct dialogue with the media. To accompany the introduction of three multi-fruit jams we conducted editorial visits to major publishing houses in Munich and Hamburg. We presented the new products to the editors, seeking feedback and arranging collaborations to maximize the reach of our messages in the mass media. These include, for example, great recipe creations and a romantic competition in a leading women’s magazine, with lots being drawn for a trip for two to Paris.

:Bundesverband der Deutschen Süßwarenindustrie e. V. (BDSI)

The Association of the German Confectionery Industry e. V. (BDSI) represents the economic interests of the predominantly medium-sized companies in the German confectionery industry. For many years, it has carried out scientific public relations work, which is accompanied and co-directed by the BDSI’s Public Relations and Nutrition Working Group (nowadays: Communication committee).
We have been advising this committee since 2007, in particular on all technical issues relating to nutrition and health. In close cooperation with the BDSI, we produce scientific press services, compendia and fact papers in order to maintain a continuous dialogue with specialist groups. Together with experts and the BDSI we have developed a concept that focuses on enjoyment. We regularly participate with this at scientific congresses and the conferences of professional associations, while at the same time providing tools for the work with clients in nutritional consulting.
The online platform genuss-tut-gut.de which has been successfully “live” since 2015, was jointly developed for stressed consumers seeking advice. In addition to blogs, links and many tips, there are tutorial videos to learn how to enjoy, as well as statement videos from experts on questions such as: “Does enjoyment positively serve health?” In certain cases, we also support the BDSI in preparing sustainability topics. Among other things, we produced this video in cooperation with another partner .

:Rainforest Alliance

Visit from Ghana: In 2017, we accompanied the Senior Manager West Africa from the environmental protection organization Rainforest Alliance, together with cocoa farmers, in a dialogue with stakeholders in Germany – e.g. at the ISM in Cologne. Our review was holistic: We distributed key messages from our visitors via press releases to selected media. We adapted the content in line with other communication channels and reached a broad and diverse stakeholder audience through blogs and social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

Altogether, we worked for the Rainforest Alliance for more than twelve years, through to the beginning of 2019, accompanying and moderating the reconciliation of interests between different stakeholder groups, some with divergent positions. In the service of the cause we always engaged in active dialogue and discourse with civil society groups, science, industry, trade and politics, as well as the media. In the course of this long period we never shied away from dealing with a number of critical contemporaries and also acted as the business and press office of Rainforest Alliance in Germany with a spokesperson function.

:Diverse Unternehmen & Institutionen

The best arguments against generalizations are dedicated, transparent action and constructive, open dialogue. We repeatedly support companies and institutions in an exchange with critical stakeholders on what are often sensitive topics. Challenges, posed by the cultivation of hazelnuts on the Black Sea coast or oil palms in Southeast Asia, for example, are taken up in film projects – in factual and content-oriented documentaries. In consultation with civil society and science, new animal welfare concepts are tested for their resilience and optimized together with clients wherever necessary. In interaction with relevant stakeholders, our jointly developed content serves as a basis for a debate away from the usual black-and-white mind-sets. Rather, it enables a realistic exchange of opinions on problems and solutions along the entire supply chain.

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Our conviction

In the era of social networks, digital media and a seemingly permanent information overload, the requirements placed on communications have increased. News has to do justice to the latest trends and relevant topics which may well be outdated tomorrow, then suddenly return the day after tomorrow.

We do not believe that it is the loudest that are heard in this dynamic environment, but that in the long term those who have something to say will be successful. And those who comprehend the needs of their target groups and focus the story – whether for your company, your product or a specific topic – consistently and purposefully on the essentials.

In collaboration with you we define your story. We develop an adequate communications strategy tailored to your specified needs, identifying relevant topics and essential news. We tell your story on all channels, adapted to your stakeholders in each case.

Our values

Joint communications means openness and trust. We regard this as an indispensable foundation. Every form of cooperation is designed to be objective, honest and constructive. We maintain a respectful and open collaboration. Of course, we also treat sensitive aspects professionally and – whenever necessary – with confidentiality. This is the only way to ensure that our cooperation is fruitful.

“It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.”

Albert Einstein

“Write how you talk, so you write beautifully.”

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

“People are not tormented by things, but by opinions about things.”

Karl Leberecht Immermann

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).”

Mark Twain

Countermovement towards more sustainability

True Assets – is our young initiative to promote sustainable projects and programs. We are a group of experts who have been passionately committed to environmental protection, social justice and sustainability over many years.

Contrary to the trend that solutions for more sustainability result above all in programs characterized by “big, bigger, biggest” accompanied by an overdose of frighteningly meaningless and hollow words intermingled with an extra portion of confusion, we see an existential need for less talk and more craftsmanship. For more innovation and pragmatic objective-based work that is, above all, tangible! We need solutions at eye level, developed and driven by those people who especially need to benefit from improvements. No neo-imperialism, no alimentation cooperation, but a dialogue between the northern and southern hemispheres with a true reconciliation of interests and always in partnership. More collectively and with the involvement of all the protagonists – above all at local level.

Then concepts developed for larger contexts can also work. This applies, for example, to larger geographical areas, to entire administrative districts and jurisdictions.

And let’s not forget: There is a pressing need to foster small solutions that often provide more creative approaches and, most importantly, are implemented and monitored at a faster pace and with greater determination.

Interested in engaging with us? Get in touch.


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